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Get hundreds of free crochet patterns here.   I am creating these just for fun.   I figured “Hey, why not share them with everyone!”  So, I am doing just that.   Sharing all these graphed charts I created with all of you.   They are good for crocheting, knitting, cross stitch, and any other craft that could use them.   You may even spark some wonderful quilting idea!   Sky is the limit when it comes to creativity.

All the free crochet pattern charts are printable and free to use.



I would just like to tell everyone that I just love crocheting.   I do it all the time.   I have a new secret obsession now.   Its creating these graph charts, which by the way can be used for crocheting.   So, I decided to give them all away.   I am always making them with this computer program I have.   I figured I should just share them with all.

I strongly suggest you look to purchasing a crochet patterns first.   The designers that create them work very hard.

Buy a crochet pattern, knitting pattern from someone.

Please support Hand crafted industry.

Thank you

Click Here for Free Crochet Patterns