Personalizing your crochet project gives the project much more meaning.   Especially, if your giving the crochet project as a gift to someone special in your life.   A friend maybe?   Pass it down as an heirloom.  When you personalize something like a crochet craft or knitting craft.   It makes it that much more personal to the person receiving the gift.

One day I was searching the internet as I do.  Looking for new ideas of something will spark an idea from something else.   All crafters know what I mean by this.   Anyway,  I was wondering if any website offered free crochet name patterns.   Sounds simple enough.   I did a lot of searching and found sites that made items for you with your name in it.  I found websites with random graphs of various letter charts.

I only found one site that actually had a few names on it.    Since this site had names already on it.  I wanted to know if they had more.  They did not.   Only about 15 names total.    What about the hundreds of other names out there.   This peaked my interest completely.

I found something that nobody had yet.   A sea of crochet name charts.   I will be adding more in time so if your name is not there.   It soon may be.

I kindly emailed the owner of said site.   She told me to continue with my charts.   So I did!

I posted links asking people to request a name chart to help me get the most popular names first.  I opened up a flood gate.   From August to nearer to Christmas I was daily creating these free crochet name charts.   Which by the way is very time consuming.  I finally finished the last of them and the total was 1,152 free crochet name charts total.     Wow!  That was a lot of work.

I continued making more crochet name charts using request over flows with Last Names.      That is growing slowly.    When going through all the request for free crochet name charts.   I also got request for other things.    I made a page listing other requests.

So you see;   just by posting a few ads to request these free crochet name charts.   It also brought me requests for so much more stuff that I wasn’t expecting.   This is how my free crochet name chart pages grew.   I will eventually create more.   I am just waiting a bit on that.   I was exhausted after creating all of those charts in just a short time.   So enjoy all the free crochet name charts.

Join the mailing list on the website   and be updated when I will begin taking more name requests and also when I add new free crochet patterns to the site.


Enjoy all the free crochet charts.

Have a wonderful day.